Matt's Jamboree Diary

Before the Jamboree

28th September 1997

Our first training day was held at Buckmore Park Scout Camp. I was a bit worried at first because there was so many new faces, but that soon went. We all sat down and our parents were allowed to stay while all the leaders introduced themselves.

After all the parents had left the leaders explained what we were going to expect at the Jamboree and other information that we might want to know. They also talked about the uniform and equipment that we would be getting.

We all stopped to have lunch and this was the first time that we could all mingle and start to get to know people. During lunch a video was put on which showed the past Jamboree.

After lunch the leaders decided the best design to be the Kent Contingent badge. I was a bit annoyed at this, not because I didn't win because of the fact that the one chosen was in the shape of a rectangle when we all got told that the designs had to be circular.

The day quickly came to and end and my parents soon turned up. There was a question and answer session before we all went home.


27th September 1998 - 14th February 1998

I sold Initials quiz sheets to family and friends


24th January 1998

A fizz quiz was held by scout troop in the district and raised 40.40 for the Jamboree Fund


14th February 1998

This was our second training day, which was held at Thanet's district Camp Site which I couldn't attend.


14th/15th March 1998

The Gillingham Dockyard had a couple of open days on these dates and I was invited to welcome the public onto the HMS Gannet. While at these days I took round a collection tin and raised 16.50


16th February 1998

I received a letter today from Peter Latchford telling me what had happened on the training day that I couldn't attend


20th February 1998

The 4th Gillingham Beaver Colony raised 17.00 by holding a sing and dance production for the parents


17th March 1998

I have decided to try and send out donations letters to companies asking for sponsorship. In the letters sent out I have explained who I am, about the Jamboree itself and how I came to be one of the Kent contingent. I have also added that if they choose to sponsor me I can do a small amount of advertising for their business. I can do this by putting their names and logos at fund raising events that I am hopefully going to hold in the future, on e-mails that I send to people and also on my Jamboree Web page that I am going to design in the near future. I have sent my donation letters to the following companies:

Auto Yachts Ltd

Dagenham Motors Ltd

Johnsons of Rainham

Stay White UK Ltd


Woolworth's Plc

Gillingham Golf Club Ltd

Akzo Nobel Chemicals Ltd

Upchurch River Valley Golf Course Ltd

Rotary Club of Gillingham


19th March 1998

I sent out more letters to the following companies asking for donations:

The Kings Ferry of Gillingham

W.A. Poulton & Sons Ltd.

Rainham Amateur Theatrical Society Ltd. (RATS)

Wyevale Garden Centre plc

Wakeley Brothers Distribution

Berengrave Services Ltd

Fairways Ltd

The Royal British Legion Clubs

Conservation Club

Gillingham Football Club


26th March 1998

I received one of my donation letters today from Upchurch River Valley Golf Course Ltd saying sorry they were unable to help with my fund raising


29th March 1998

My troop held a plant and book sale and raised 83.81. This is the first of the plant and book sales that has taken place and three more are scheduled for the next three Sundays


27th March 1998

I received a letter from BHS today, they apologise but they can't help.


2nd April 1998

Another one of my donation letters turned up today from Auto Yachts Ltd. They can't help with the fund raising ether


3rd April 1998

I received a reply from the Rotary Club of Gillingham today and they have decided to sponsor me 50.00


7th April 1998

I was given a donation of 3.00 from Auntie Eve (my next door neighbour)


24th April 1998 - 26th April 1998

The Kent Contingent met up again at Tovil Scout HQ this weekend. We arrived Friday evening and soon had the tents up. The site where we were allowed our tents was marked out with a rope to show us the amount of space that we would get at the Jamboree. It was bigger than I had thought. The first event of the weekend was going down to Tosco to buy some food. Each patrol was given an amount of money and told to bring back food and drink (not alcoholic!) to make an evening meal. As well as cooking for our patrol we were told we each would have to feed a leader. Our group made a very nice meal and it was the only one what was a three-course meal also it cost the least to make. It started with a selection of dips with cut up carrots, tortilla chips, and other salad. The main meal was Chicken in a honey and mustard sauce with pasta and the dessert was scout made jam donuts. Yum

After we had all finished our meals we did the cleaning up and then were told we were going to go on a night hike. Oh lucky us! The hike wasn't a very long distance and I feel that it did us good because it gave us all a chance to talk and find out what every one is good at.

When we finally finished the hike and got back to the campsite I went to sleep.

Next morning after getting up we did lots of activities which included designing our gateway, looking at the equipment that we were going to be given and lots more. Late that evening after eating we all sat around a campfire and sang songs. When this had finished some of the Kent contingent went to bed but I stayed up with the rest and we played darts and talked till early next morning.

A few hours later I got up and had breakfast with my patrol. I then packed up my tent and then left the campsite with Caroline because we had been asked to do a speech at our districts St George's Day service.


5th May 1998

I received a letter through the post from Peter Latchford today. In this letter was a feedback Questionnaire about the training camp that I had just attended. I didn't expect to receive this but I thought it was a very good idea.


6th May 1998

Donation letter came through my door today from the Upper Gillingham Conservative Club Ltd they have to sponsor me 10.00


6th May 1998

I sent a letter to Diana Lawerence who is the publisher of the Gillingham Scout News. Asking her if it was possible to place an advert in the newspaper for my Kent Contingent badges, and Friends of the jamboree


14th May 1998

I received a letter from The Kings Ferry of Gillingham about my request for donations. They were very thankful but they couldn't help ether because they had already given out there year's sponsorship.


18th May 1998

I sent out some more donations letters today to the following companies:

United Services Club Ltd

Gillingham Labour Club

Arcola Products Ltd

The Three Mariners

Greens of Rainham

Hidsons Honda

United Services Club Ltd

Gillingham Labour Club

Kent Today

A.W. Stubs and son


21st May 1998

Today my Dad placed an article on the Scoutbase home page on the Internet for my Kent Contingent badges.


22nd May 1998

Today I received a letter from Kent Today, they are sorry but they can't give out any donations to any organisations but they have said that they would be happy to place an article in their newspaper advertising the Jamboree. I phoned a lady called Sara White at Kent Today and have arranged for a photographer to come around my house on the 25th May 1998


27th May 1998

I sent another donation letter to Eden Joinery today.


28th May 1998

My newspaper article was printed today in the Kent Today newspaper. What a horrible photo of me!


28th May 1998

I received a reply to one of my donation letters today from A.W. Stubbs and Son (my brothers firm) they have given me 50


29th May 1998

I received a letter from Mike Smith today. He had seen my advert on the Internet and wanted 3 badges


31st May 1998

I received a reply to one of my donation letters from Eden Joinery they would like to sponsor me 20


1st June 1998

I sent some more donation letters today to:

Rainham (Kent) Social Club Ltd

Benhams Off licence


1st June 1998

Wakeley Brothers Distribution Ltd sent me a letter saying sorry unable to help with sponsorship.


3rd June 1998

Received a suprising letter today from Geraldine Young. She explained that she had a boy of my age and she could imagine my excitement of being chosen. She made a donation of 5.oo towards my Jamboree fund.


9th June 1998

I received a letter from my Auntie Joyce today. She would like to give a donation of 20


10th June 1998

Andrew Collins sent my a letter today asking for 1 Kent Contingent badge. He had also seen my advert that was on the Internet.


14th June 1998

Joan Ludbruck sent a letter to me and a cheque for 1 Kent Contingent badge today.


17th June 1998

I received a letter from Laura Handy who saw my advert on the Internet and wanted 1 Kent Contingent badge.


19th June 1998 - 21st June 1998

This training weekend was held at HopeHill Campsite. When I first arrived I noticed that my partner Edward hadn't turned up yet so I asked Peter where he was. He told me he would be late and not to worry.

In the evening we sat in one of the tents and were given some information sheets and also a talk about equipment. After the talk we all went out of a hike which was interesting. The hike was different because we had walkie-talkies and we were given a destination and when we reached there we had to radio in for the next destination. Also there were incidents to do at some of the destinations. One of the incidents was a person injured by radiation and we had to save him and guess who the injured person was... Edward!

By the time we finally got back to campsite it was late and we still hadn't got our tent up. I got a surprise when the tent was up because it could only just fit us two without our bags. So we left them in the dinning tent.

Next morning we did lots of activities, which involved prusscking what I had never done before, climbing and absailing what was a achievement for me because I had never got up that tower before. What also made it good was the fact I managed to get Helen to have a go at the climbing and also to get her to do the absailing. We also had a guest speaker who talked and made us play games about the environment and the community.

The last night was just as uncomfortable as the first with the added extra bonus that I found out how painful red ants can be!


20th June 1998

Gillingham District scout Shop wanted 8 Kent Contingent badges because they have offered to show some in their shop to try to sell them this way.


24th June 1998

I received a letter from a man named Dave Wooff. He wanted to buy 12 Kent Contingent badges


28th June 1998

I received a cheque from Terry and Simonne Wells who raised 104.00 by doing a sponsored fun run. I was very thankful


1st July 1998

Rainham (Kent) Social Club Ltd. sent me a letter thanking me for asking them for donations. They have sponsored me 50 and also given me 3 bottles of spirits to raffle off.


17th July 1998

I received a letter from Peter Latchford today concerning personal details that needed to be sent to the UK HQ before we go to Chile at Christmas. Also with this letter was form about choosing your Ho Ho partner. I was phoned by Helen a couple of days ago to find out if I had received and read this form because she was wondering if I would like to be her partner. I said yes.


21st July 1998

I received a letter from Matthew Currie who is one of the executive committee members explaining the use of the Executive Committee and giving me a full list of phone numbers and addresses.


14th August 1998

Mike Waters sent me a letter today because he wanted 12 Kent Contingent badges.


2nd September 1998

I received a request for some Kent Contingent badges from Paul Aked today. He wanted 4 badges


22nd September 1998

Today we finally added the 4th Gillingham Sea Scouts home page onto the Internet. With these pages I also added my own page about the 19th World Jamboree.


25th September 1998 - 27th September 1998

Our last weekend camp was held at Kingsdown Camp Site. It was arranged that Caroline's Dad was going to take Caroline and myself to the camp, and my Dad was going to pick us up and take us home. I thought this was going to be a horrible weekend because of the bad weather that we had been having.

When we finally found the campsite I put up my tent and brought my camp equipment that I was asked to bring over to the cooking tents. Which were already up because the leaders were already at the campsite. When we all joined together in the main dinning tent we had a quick Spanish session with Dawn and then Information sheets were given out. Also we all received our official Hiscox Polo tops and sweatshirts.

Next morning we were split into our patrol groups and we each took it in turns to go around different bases to try out Bat and Trap, Volleyball, building and using our gateway, and also our practising making the portable flagpole. We had lunch and then we all went for a walk down to the local swimming pool. Getting lost on the way!

That evening we all sat in the main dinning tent and we had a Spanish session with Dawn again and we also had to come up with ideas for the entertainment that we would do while we were over at the Jamboree. After we had done our songs we put on some proper music artists who can sing! And had a disco. During this disco I ordered some Baden Powel badges and also some Union Jack badges.

The next day I packed up my tent and then my Dad collected Caroline and me.


18th October 1998

Today I went to Hamlet Wood Camp site to collect my Kent Contingent uniform. When I arrived I was the first so I had plenty of time to check over my uniform, most of it fit and was the right size except my desert boots. I had ordered size 10 and needed size 9. I was also lucky because my trousers were too large, but luckily Peter Latchford needed a larger pair so I swapped with him. I also picked up my Baden Powel and Union Jack badges that I had ordered at our last weekend camp.


5th November 1998

Benhams Off license gave a donation of 12 bottles for raffles


5th November 1998

Paul Abbott gave a donation of a fruit basket to be used for a raffle prize at the firework night


6th November 1998

I raised 56.50 at my group's yearly firework evening by selling tickets for a raffle. The prizes were some of the bottles that I was given as donations and the fruit basket. The remainder of the bottles will be given to the district to be raffled off at their District dance on the 21st November 1998.


15th September 1998

Today I went to the last official meeting of the Kent Contingent. The day was held at Tovil Scout HQ. The day started with the whole contingent being split into three groups. One was going to cook lunch, one was in charge of coming up with ideas for entertainment and the last was doing community work around the Scout site such as cutting wood.

I was lucky because I managed to get into the lunch group. Then they told us that we had to prepare and serve a 3 course meal for 50! People, plus we had to set out tables, chairs, table clothes, plates and cutlery, glasses, and other odd objects which finished off each table. We had special guest for lunch that included the home contacts.

The last thing event of the day was the giving out of all field and trek equipment that we had ordered and my new size 9 boots! The next time we all meet will be Christmas day.


20th November 1998

I went to our Beaver Colony today to give a talk about the Jamboree and also the Kent contingent. This was my first talk to anyone and I was a little bit frightened. I took with me some of my equipment that I am going to take such as my bags, fleece, sunglasses and not forgetting my doggy hat. I did this because beavers can't sit still for long periods of time just listening. They have more fun by looking and touching objects, so I pasted around my equipment.


21st November 1998

Today there was a District Dance held at a St Margets Grammar school. Every one had to try to sell as many tickets as possible and because my sister knows so many people we ended having 20 people who were in our group of people. One of these guests was Helen that I had invited. This evening was very enjoyable except for the speech that they told me I had to do with Caroline. I sounded terrible because I didn't have any time to plan anything.

During this evening apart from dancing and eating I also sold raffle tickets. Caroline and I had to be in uniform for the first part of the evening, but then we did a Superman act and shot outside and changed into some more comfortable (and warmer!) clothes.


30th November 1998

Today I did another talk to our Dolphins cub pack. I brought along the same equipment and pasted it around like before but also I could go into more detail about what is going to happen at the Jamboree and what I have been doing for the preparation


2nd December 1998

I did a talk to the cub pack that I help at today (Otters) This talk went just like the previous. The only thing that was different was the fact that our cub pack was the worst behaved during my talk!

During the Jamboree and Ho Ho

25th December 1998

It's finally come! Today I go to the Jamboree. All the training and waiting is over.

After waking up early, opening presseys, and eating Christmas dinner I went with my parents to the M2 services where I would meet the rest of my friends in the Kent contingent at 4.00pm. It was cold and raining when we left my house and it didn't seem like it was ever going to stop.

When we arrived at Farthing corner everyone else had already arrived. I was supprised because my Group Scout Leader Ray Austin and my District Commissioner David Ainsley were also there to greet me and wish me good luck abroad.

I met up with some of my friends and we talked for some time before putting our cargo bags on the coach and saying our final good byes to all our parents.

When I got on the coach I sat down and we were all ready to go but we couldn't because of one tiny problem, we were missing Dan. It wasn't long before he arrived and we left at 4.30pm.

We arrived at Gatwick airpot at 5.30pm and the airport was empty. This was a bit strange because I had never seen an airport so deserted and dead. Our flight was at 7.15pm so we just sat around and wasted the time away.

When we finally boarded the aeroplane I moved from my seat I was given to sit next to Helen so I could talk to her during the flight.

The take off wasn't as bad as I had been told and everyone else was fine except John Folwer who was I'll when the plane was landing, but it wasn't all bad as he managed to hit Nick Bray with his projectile vomit! Good one John.

During the flight we had to make a stop at Rio de Janeiro to refuel and also to passengers on and off.

The meals were ok. The first meal I had was turkey Christmas dinner with mince pie and custard for dessert. The next meal I had was breakfast, which I had after an uncomfortable night's sleep. It was scrambled egg, bacon and hash browns. I didn't eat much of this meal because I don't usually eat breakfast and so I wasn't feeling very hungry.


26th December 1998

When we arrived at Sao Paulo I was tired by now and wanted to use the phone to ring my parents. I then went to the duty free shop with Helen, Caroline, David and Nick.

We were stuck at Sao Paulo for 7 hours! Our plane flight was late and due to the long wait the leaders decided to treat us all to steak and chips but there was only one problem, if the steak had legs it would have probably walked in it was that raw.

After eating it wasn't long before we were on our next flight to Buenos Aires. This flight wasn't too bad. During this flight we had two meals and I didn't fancy much.

After the refuelling stop new passengers got on the aeroplane.

When we arrived Santiago there was a bus ready to take us to the Jamboree site and by the time we arrived at the site it was pitch black. From what I could see it didn't seem very large. The group was split into two and one half went to go and get the tents.

After we managed to put our tents up in the dark and put our bags in our tents, we went for a walk to have a quick look around.

After we returned I went into David and Nick's tent and talked to them for a while about what we had seen and what we thought of the Jamboree so far. I then just walked back to my tent and crash out asleep.


27th December 1998

I got up early today and went for a shower. These and the rest of the toilets were horrible and I feel that they could have been better. There was no hot water and the toilets were over filled. If this is before the jamboree starts and no one was here I wonder what it will be like during the jamboree.

After returning to our campsite and having breakfast the rest of the day was free until evening when we were asked to go to a sub-camp welcoming party.

It was very hot and before we were given our free time we had to move our tents into a horseshoe shape and put up the dinning shelter and gate.

As it was hot I had to put on a lot of Sun tan cream on. I started using the highest sun factor that I had. It was factor 35.

Later that evening after spending the day going around with some of my friends swapping badges, we went back to our camp to meet up with the rest and to get ready for the welcoming party. We had been asked to do a song at the party so was all decided that the only one we could all sing was Wonderwall by Oasis. This went very well and everyone in our subcamp joined in with the song because everyone knew it.

After looking around a bit more after the party had finished We went back to our campsite and I decided to go to bed as I was tired.


28th December 1998

I didn't do much today because the whole day was free again until the opening ceremony tonight.

After breakfast I decided to go badge swapping again. I got a few badges and met lots of people and when I returned to the campsite Caroline was there and she asked if I could take her around badge swapping because I knew where to go and she wasn't too confident. So I went back out again but it wasn't long before we returned to the campsite to take a break and also to slap on a load more sun tan cream. John and Kevin saw the two of us returning and asked us where we had been, I told them and after they heard they asked if they could come around with us. So once again I went badge swapping. By this time I was fed up with walking around swapping badges but I thought it was only fair because I already a few and I could show they where the good swaps were.

That evening we had the opening ceremony and I had a great time. We were all given books that we had to hold above our heads and at certain moments during a song we changed the pages in our books. This made a windmill effect from above. The opening ceremony on satge was very good but a bit too long. During the ceremony the president arrived and walked past me. This caused a problem because the people behind me were pushing me forward and the security guards were pushing me back so I was crushed.

Back at the campsite after the ceromony had finished I went to bed


29th December 1998

This morning we didn't do much because we had free time again. During breakfast a group of Brazilians turned up to talk. This was very interesting and enjoyable.

At 3.00pm it was planned to go on a hike in the Andes. Apart from waiting for a bus for 3 hours instead of 1 and the fact we didn't get a bus anyway the hike I went on was very good. Due to the lack of buses the hike had to be on one of the mountains that surrounded the Jamboree site. We started our hike but after a little way up the hill a group of us got separated from the main group that had charged off up the hill.

After a while we met up with them again when they finally stopped and took a head count. And we were soon off again in one big group. As before we got separated and this time we came to a junction, left or Right? We decided to go right and after a while of not seeing the rest of our group started to make our way back towards the campsite. There was no problem with this as we had two leaders with us.

We found our way back to a place where there was some security and they radioed in to let the people at HQ that we were ok. We then walked back down the path we came up, and on the way down Trevor came past us in a open backed pickup truck. Some of our group decided to go with Trevor to the top of the hill and to stay up there the night and Heather, Caroline, Helen and myself decided to go back down to our campsite. I wanted to go down because I was tired and dirty and wanted a shower.

That night we decided to sleep outside our tents so we could say that we slept under the stars.


30th December1998

I woke up this morning still lying on my role mat!

During the rest of the day I went to the Global Development Village (GDV) to look around and we found out about different ways of recycling glass and other objects. I found this very interesting because not only did I learn a lot but because the person who was teaching us couldn’t speak English. So a girl from Spain translated for us and she had perfect English.

I returned back to the campsite and the after lunch I walked off with Caroline and David to get money and souvenirs.

That evening we were allowed to go out around the campsites to go to the many parties that were on. Helen, Caroline, David, John, Nick and myself went around in a group, and when we reached a Mexican party we stayed a while but left because it was boring. We soon reached a Chilean band that were playing music on a small stage and we we all had fun because we all joint ina dn tried to do the dances

After that party had finished which wasn't too long because be arrived near the end. David, Nick and I ran down a hill that we were on trying to do flips, but I couldn’t do them and I just kept landing on my bum! I was having such a good time.

During the rest of the evening we went and talked to some English and Americans, went into a barn and then realised it was full with hundreds of Chileans and no one else. I guess it was a private party. Also we just hung around together and enjoyed each others company.


31st December 1998

This morning after waking up I had a drink but like the days before I didn't feel like eating much.

We went to the sub-camp meeting again this morning, it was boring as usual. Today we were doing gastronic delights and it seemed to go ok. We cooked scones and tea

I bought my postcards and stamps today and I wrote all the ones to my family. I am going to write the others another day because I can't be bothered to sit and write postcard after postcard.

Later that evening there was a New Year's eve party but before the main party started the English had arranged a party, this was ok and when it had finished all the English walked through the Jamboree campsite chanting and singing. As we were walking I noticed an open backed van with some English in it, dancing and singing. So I shouted David and Nick's name and then ran as fast as I could to catch it up. When I was close I jumped and managed to pull myself inside. I then helped the other two in.

We arranged a place to meet if we got separated and then started to head through the crowds towards some English flags. Eventually our group got split up and Nick and I found the rest of the Kent contingent. Just at the same time a person appeared on stage and told everyone to sit down, so we did. I was just telling Nick that we should go to the meeting place when Caroline appeared so all three of us went to wait for John.

When we got to the meeting place John was no where to be seen so I told Nick to sit still with Caroline because I didn't want anyone else on their own and then went off in search for John.

I didn't find him and it was getting close to midnight so all three of us walked around as a group trying to find him. We didn’t find him so we just gave up and enjoyed the New Year.


1st January 99

I woke up early this morning. We all had breakfast and then we all had to go to our own religious services.

After the religious service I went to had finished the whole Kent contingent had to go to the peace rally, which was held in the main arena. It was too hot to go into the middle so we all sat under the shelter around the edge. The rally was ok, one thing we did was we all put messages of peace into a pouch that was attached to a balloon. These messages would then float away and be dropped somewhere. Also a couple of fire engines turned up and sprayed all the scouts with water, as it was so hot.

This evening I started to write my postcards again because I only had a few left and I wanted to get them all sent by tomorrow. After I had finished them a few of us started playing silly party games. This was great fun and I was really enjoying myself.


2nd December 1999

Today we have got "The world which provides for us" module. All the patrol leaders of the patrols were given cards to tell us where we would be going and our card said we were going to a fruit and honey farm.

I would have much preferred to go to the largest copper mine in the world but unluckily none of the patrols had this card. I don't know what to expect at the farm but it sounds a bit boring. We were the first to arrive at the bus that would take us to the fruit farm, the next was an international group of scouts and the last to get on was a group of Argentineans.

When the coach finally left it wasn't long before we reached the farm and started our guided tour. Apart from the heat I found the farm a very enjoying and interesting place to visit and thought it was well worth it.

During the tour we got to see where all the trees got their water from, how honey is made and the many different methods that are used to collect the fruit and nuts. Also we were allowed to eat as many peaches, cherries and almonds as we wanted! We were even given a big bag of honey each to take away with us.

After leaving the farm the coach took us to Rancagua where we met up with the rest of the Kent contingent to have lunch. After eating my lunch I went to have a look for gifts and souvenirs in a big market which was near by.

This evening there was the Arts festival for our sub-camp. This was very good and interesting and I would have to congratulate Seb in our song that we did because not many people would get up on stage in front of a thousand people, dressed as a woman.

After this had finished I also went to the shop with Caroline, David, John and Nick because we all wanted to pig out, so we did. Then we all went to bed.


3rd January 99

After breakfast we made our way to the Bus Park again. Today we had the "community service" module and the Eeyour and Piglet patrol were going off to help out at a local school.

When we all got on the bus I sat next to Seb. When the bus finally left we had been waiting on it for two hours!

When we arrived at the school we all stood in a big circle while we were all given our instructions for the day. Our task for the day was to make some benches for the school football ground.

This day of service wasn't too hard as we arrived at 11.00pm and worked till 12.30pm we then had lunch. We then worked from 2.00pm till 4.00pm. Some of the jobs I did included moving planks of wood, drilling holes in the planks, sanding, painting and also making concrete to hold the metal framework of the benches in the ground. I enjoyed everything today.

Late this evening after dinner we all sat around and filled out our diaries. I also played with my diablo that I bought yesterday at the market and at about 1.00am I went to bed.


4th January 1999

I got up at about 5am this morning, so that I could join Kelvin and a few others on a hike up one of the nearby hills to watch the sun rise on the Andes and the Jamboree site. Before we left to start the hike I noticed that John wasn't up and I knew he wanted to come with us, but I didn't know what tent he was in. So I decided to just take a few more pictures for him. The hike was very good. It tired me out by the time we reached the top but it was well worth it. I wish I could have brought a video camera with me to Chile because there is no possible way I can describe the excitement and enjoyment that I am having at the Jamboree.

On the way down from the top we met up with Heather, who we had left half way down because she didn't want to go any further up. She asked us if we had seen John because about twenty minutes ago he came up the hill and she told him to go up. We hadn't seen him and so Kelvin and Heather had to wait there until he came down. I wanted to wait for him but we were all sent back down to the campsite.

Back at the campsite I went and a well-deserved shower, which was too hot to get under for long periods of time!

At 9.00am we all went to the daily sub-camp meeting at our stage and when that had finished I went to the Internet room with David and John. I am annoyed with the organisation of the Internet room because they have split the room into two halves. One is just for browsing the Internet and reading e-mails, and the other is for writing e-mails. The reason I am annoyed about this is because you are allowed 15 minutes to browse on the Internet but only 5 minutes to write and send e-mails and this is not long enough.

After using the Internet David went to the phones and John went to the bank. When David had finished talking on the phone he and I took a walk down to the bank to find John, whom by now had left so we didn't find him.

At 12.30 we all met at the sub-camp stage to go and do the tournament module. Our patrol had chosen to do the Iron Carts. When we finally reached the tournament site I didn't want to do it because I had already done the hike in the morning and I was a bit tired, but I decided to have a go anyway and I'm thankful that I did. It was excellent, what we had to do was push a cart around a gravel track. It was quite hard work as we had to push it up and down steep hills and three people were in the cart. I had a go at steering and also braking. I was having a great day.

During the evening the only activity we had planned was our sub-camp closing ceremony. This I think started well but the peace messages from all the countries lasted too long.

After the ceremony had finished we went back to the campsite via the supermarket to pick up a load of food and drinks. Peter treated us all to biscuits and so we sat around eating food and talking till about 2am when I crawled into my tent and fell asleep. What a great day


5th January 1999

Today is the last official day of the Jamboree. Through we have two more days at the Jamboree site and four days in Brasilia it seems that the trip of a life time that we have been preparing for, for two years is nearly over. And through it started terrible and I wished I was at home. I now wish that we had a little longer as there is so much I haven't seen and done.

I got up this morning and went to the supermarket to get some cereals for breakfast, as our patrol was duty patrol again.

After eating breakfast the sub-camp met for the last time by our stage to say our goodbyes.

Today we also were allowed to go to the GDV again but before I went there I went to see the Buddhists. They explained about their religion and I found it very interesting. We also all made happiness bags, which we were told we could put things that make us happy in them.

After lunch I made my way back down to the main circle to do some last minute swapping and when it got to 6pm I decided to make my way back to the campsite with John and Caroline. They both had to use the phones so we headed towards them but when we past the supermarket, Trevor and some of my patrol were in there buying food. He moaned a little because I wasn't there earlier but he didn’t seem to mind.

After eating a very nice meal I rushed up to have a shower and then got in my top half of uniform ready for the closing ceremony.

The ceremony was very good and entertaining but it lasted too long and I was getting crushed in the crowds. Much like the opening ceromony there was singing and dancing on stage.


6th January 1999

I woke up this morning at about 8.30am. It seems to be getting harder and harder to get up in the mornings.

When I finally managed to pull myself from my tent I had breakfast and then went up to the souvenirs shop to buy a couple of Jamboree tapes. These will be good for background music when I do presentations at home. We were then all asked to start to tidy up our tents so I did some washing so that I could pack all my clothes that I no longer needed.

I was filling out my diary when suddenly it happened. Heather caught up with me and asked me to do the Jamboree log book! I didn't want to do it because I have got terrible handwriting and spelling.

After lunch I asked Michael to take me to see the Swiss scouts to see if they would swap my waterproof for a blue shirt. I asked Michael because he knew them already. I managed to get one and also one the way back I swapped my jumper for two Brazilian T-shirts that I wanted.

When I came back to the campsite I tried on my blue shirt and it didn't fit. So I was a bit annoyed but I didn’t mind because I could still use it for showing.

Tonight we had a BBQ with the Glenherts. This was very good and I was stuffed by the time it was over. We then went over to our sub-camp stage to watch a pantomime.

Later Caroline, David, John, Zac and myself went into a large open field between the villages. Here we lay under the stars. We talked about what we had done and seen at the Jamboree and other things. I enjoyed this because I got to spend the evening with my true friends doing something I really like. Looking at the stars and just talking is so relaxing. I also saw seven shooting stars and a few satalights. You just don't see these things at home.


7th January 1999

After waking up and getting out of my tent at about 8.30am again I had breakfast and then started to pack up my bags and tent. I also took a walk around the Jamboree site to take some pictures of the empty campsite for my presentation. I was surprised and even a little scared because when walked along the long road which lead to the main arena. It was dead and it seemed so long. Yesterday it was full of hundreds of scouts, both male and female having fun and enjoying their last few hours at the biggest youth organisation in the world but now it was deserted except for a few odd people darted here and there.

When everything was packed and the only thing left to do was to take down the shelter we moved all the bags into the middle of our sub-camp. Which by now was also empty, except for another contingent and us.

We were told to be back at the sub-camp by 6.30pm because tonight we were going to have a meal at the staff restaurant so that we didn't have to cook.

When I returned, our patrols had to wait because only two patrols could go at a time and the other two patrols had to stay behind to look after the bags. The meal was very good and we didn't have melon for dessert!

Late in the evening after walking around looking for objects to take home, Caroline, David, John, Nick and myself all sat on our sub-camp stage in our sleeping bags talking to a couple of girls from another UK contingent who were leaving before us. When they had to make there way back to their campsite we said our goodbyes and then drifted off into a pleasant sleep under the stars again. Our bus was going to arrive at 6.00am so we had to get up at 4.30am so we had time to get washed and fed before leaving.


8th January 1999

Ahh the time is 5.40am were going to be late. The main group that stayed at the camp hadn't got up much earlier than us either. I stuffed my sleeping bag into my cargo bag after compressing it down so that it would fit, went to the toilet and then jumped on the bus. No time to wash, no time to eat.

At 7.30am we arrived at Santiago airport. Our plane was at 12.00 so we had plenty of time to look around. This plane flight we were flying with LAN Chile from Santiago to Buenos Aires.

The aeroplane was a bit cramped but I didn't mind because all I remember is the take off and then waking up with my seat back. I didn't remember putting my seat back, but then later I found out that it was Kelvin because he had noticed I was falling asleep. Straight away I was given a meal, which was ok, but the desert was better because it was chocolate moose!

It wasn't long before we landed and we were sitting in an airport lounge waiting for our next flight that would take us to Sao Paulo.

On the next flight I was given another meal and I didn't get to sleep, I think it was because I was in the middle of two people and I also couldn't put my day sack in the overhead compartment so it was between my feet.

During this flight we stopped at Porto Alegre to refuel, I took this time to put my bag away and by the time the plane was in the air I was asleep and when I awoke we had arrived at Sao Paulo and we were getting off the plane.

The last plane flight was from Sao Paulo to Brasilia. On this plane flight I had to sit next to a man I didn't know. I thought it was going to be horrible but I was completely wrong. He turned out to be an Argentinean Professor of Law who spoke prefect English. So I spent the whole flight talking to him.

From Brasilia airport we all jumped on a coach to the place we were going to meet our Ho Ho family. I was very nervous.

When we had stopped, taken off our bags and then found our families I was supprised because the daughter and her brother met me. I also found out that Sam and Brian was living only two doors away from us, so that was reassuring. Before we left, David ran over to me and wrote his phone number on my hand so that I had it if I needed him.

We arrived at the place we would call home for the next four days and we were offered food and drinks but all Helen and I wanted was to go to sleep. Helen was sharing a room with Carol, the daughter and I was sharing with Pablo the brother.


9th January 1999

I woke up this morning at about 11.45am and the first thing I did was to jump into a nice hot shower, not a cold or boiling hot shower but a lovely just right shower.

After this dream come true, I went and had breakfast in the kitchen. This was still a tense time for all of us and after we had finished Pablo asked Helen and I to go and see Sam and Brian because apparently they were having problem communicating with their Ho Ho family because none of them could speak any English.

When we got around there, I gave them my Portuguese words that my Dad had printed off the Internet. I thought they needed them more than we did because at least our Ho Ho family could speak a little English.

We then agreed to all go to the airport to change up traveller's cheques and then meet at a large tower to get a good view of the city.

When we arrived at the tower we found out that we couldn't go in the lift all the way up to the top because it was broken and it wouldn't be fixed till tomorrow but we could go and see a gem museum that was half way up. This was very good and interesting. While up here we met up with Caroline and Louise, and after we all had finished looking around we went back down and walked around the market which was around the base of the tower. This was very good but I noticed that it was very quite and that it was nearly empty. Pablo decided that we would come back tomorrow to go up the tower but before we left we all tried coconut water. I was dreading this because I don't like coconuts at all but I really enjoyed it and it was a bit sickly.

When we returned home again we had lunch, which was rice, salad, and a dish that was made up of tomatoes, peppers, onions, and shrimps. I really hate shrimps but I thought I would give it a try and I loved this as well.

We then spent the rest of the afternoon around Brian and Sam's swimming in their pool, they also invited Caroline and Louise around. Also here we had hotdogs for the evening meal. They were very nice and the salsa that was made was also very yummy.

For the evening Pablo and Carol had planed for all of us to go to a club. We arrived at the club at because it didn't open until 11.00pm and it closed at 5.00am!

We collected our tickets and waited to be let in. The music was very loud from outside and there was smoke pouring from the doors, but when they open the doors I was supprised because there were tables and chairs, a small stage and a small DJ in one corner. I thought we were going to sit down and play bingo! While at this club we met up with another English contingent from Dorset.

I had a great night, I danced and even got on stage to sing Stand by me because they had Karoke. I learnt lots of new dance moves and we even taught the Brazilians a few.

We left the club at 3.00am and when we returned home Pablo asked me to wake him up in the morning otherwise he would sleep into midday and we needed to go to the airport again before going to the tower because I had forgotten my passport today.

We were offered food again tonight but I didn't want anything. I have noticed that Brazilians eat very often, it may not be very big meals but there is always enough for me.


10th January 1999

I woke up at 12.00am Ahh were late. Oh well there was a BBQ planned at 2.00pm so we had plenty of time but it was wasted because the banks at the airport were closed and the tower was so packed that we decided to try again tomorrow. While at the tower we met Heather and Trevor who were looking for gifts.

I feel so bad about making Pablo drive all the way to the airport again and for nothing, I don't think he minds.

When we returned the BBQ had already started. Caroline and Louise, and Brian and Sam were there and after some food we all went swimming.

During the BBQ the contingent from Dorset turned up because Helen and Louise had asked if they could come and they were allowed. I had a great time in the pool and we all played a game with something called a Peteca. I had the phone number of David and Nick and I invited them to come to the BBQ but they were going bowling. But they invited us to go to a party at their house tonight and apparently the entire Kent contingent and all their Ho Ho families will be there!

After getting ready and having a nice hot shower again we were invited to try a traditional Brazilian Bread which had cheese in it. They were small in portion but when I tried them I just had to have more. It's also a tradition to have coffee with these so I did.

After stuffing myself silly with cheese bread we were ready to go to David and Nicks party.

Oh it's such a hard life with all the parties, pools, sun, food, drink and nice long layins!

At the party everyone was there. I had a good time sharing what our house was like, and what we had done and also listening to my friends about what they had done.

During the evening they put on some Brazilian party music that we had learn the moves to last night so we all danced and it wasn't long before everyone was dancing. The problem was we were dancing indoors so they had to move the settee to make move room.

We left the party quite late and seven people (Helen, Sam, Brian, Carol, the two twins, and me) all squeezed into a car to go home. Pablo didn't want to come out tonight as he was tired and I think that he has college tomorrow.


11th January 1999

I woke up about 10.00am, yes 10.00am not 12.00pm. I was supprised too. Pablo wasn't in the room and I couldn't hear noises so I guessed that he had left to go to college. I wen to have a shower and I noticed that Helens door was shut so she must have still been asleep. I wonder if Carol had to go to school today?

It was planned to go around Brian and Sam's in the morning to play in the pool until the afternoon when we would all go shopping.

After my shower I returned back to my room to fill out my diary. As I filled out my diary I noticed that it was raining outside. The professor who I sat next to on the aeroplane told me about the rain here but you have to see it to believe it. Each raindrop is about at least five times bigger than ours. You can watch and see each drop fall from a cloud all the way till it hits the ground. This wasn't the first time I had seen the rain. On the first day when we were in Brian and Sam's pool it rained and I was supprised by the size and amount then as I am now.

At about 11.00am Pablo returned home and told me that all his classes had finished for the day. He offered to check to see if I had am emails from my parents, because the other day Helen and I had sent some and yesterday I checked and they hadn't replied.

After sitting on the computer for a while, and not getting them to work we decided to try later and to go and have breakfast.

When Helen and Carol finally got up at 12.35am they went to have breakfast. Carol didn't need to go to school because they are still on vacation.

While sitting here writing my diary. It is still raining and as much as I am enjoying myself and wish I could stay longer to learn and see more. I wish to go home. I think it is because of the rain outside my window that is reminding me of home!

When Helen and Carol had finished we all went to a local shopping centre. We met up with Louise and Caroline, Sam and Brian, Chris and Seb, and Paul and Dan. This was Ok but the problem was that when some people wanted to go into certain shops, others didn't and they had to wait around for ages.

Later Pablo asked who wanted to buy Brazilian football shirts because he knew a shop near by that sold them, so he took a group of people off to the shop. I was in the group that stayed behind. We decided to have lunch so we went to Mc Donalds.

Later after the others had returned and had lunch Pablo asked if we would like to go bowling as it was only one level down. All of us except Louise and Helen went bowling and I had a good time and I also learnt something I'm terrible at bowling! As for Louise and Helen, well they just went off shopping for clothes again.

When we were ready to go we made our way back to the car and I was confused because we had parked outside but now we were going down into an underground car park. I asked Helen and she said that we had parked in the underground. I said that I couldn't have been in the car because I didn't recognise this place but she said I was. The next thing she said scared me. She asked me if I could remember that we had backed into a post while parking. I couldn't. I thought I was going mad. Then she remembered that I wasn't in the car because they had moved it when they went to the shop to look for football shirts. The shop wasn't in the shopping centre but another one near by it.

That evening Carol tried to find out if the club we had been to before was open on Mondays but it wasn't, no clubs were. So Pablo and Carol arranged to go to a pub which had a dance floor.

It was arranged that our friends that we met shopping today were going to meet us outside the pub at about 11.30pm, I had also invited David and Nick. I really enjoyed this evening again and I will miss all my new friends when I leave.


12th January 1999

For the second time since I arrived at Ho Ho I awoke early this morning, about 10am. I had already packed yesterday afternoon before going out to the pub so I had plenty of time. I went for my usual morning shower and then went for breakfast. We were meant to leave the house at 10.45am so that we could be at the British Embassy at 11.00am. We left at 11.15am and arrived 11.30am but luckily we weren't the last and everyone was waiting. The reason we were late was because we were giving our presents, taking last minute pictures and waiting for Helen to pack some of her things! Only Pablo and Carol were in the house so I couldn't say goodbye to the rest of the family.

When we arrived at the embassy I found out that Pablo and Carol were allowed in because they were our hosts. It was very good at the embassy, there was a large pool, some courts to play football on, a BBQ and free drinks!

At 5.30 the coach turned up which would take us to the airport.

I didn't like this very much because I'm not very good with goodbyes but we promised each other that we would stay in contact with each other and that one-day I would show him around my town and house. I said my goodbyes to Pablo and Carol and then got on the coach.

When we reached Brasilia Airport we had to wait for our boarding passes.

When we finally boarded our plain I moved to sit next to David and Nick so I could talk to them during the flight. This flight was Ok and we were given a meal which I didn’t feel like eating because I wasn’t that hungary.

When we reached Sao Paulo we didn’t have to wait very long before we could board the next plane.

On board the aeroplane to England I was sitting next to John Perry. The flight was ok, but we didn't have any lights or headphones until we had stopped to refuel at Rio de Janeiro.

That night was very uncomfortable and I didn't get much sleep. It started when I was just about to get to sleep, Caroline came over to me and woke me up and asked if there was any spear seats around because she was sitting next to a lady who was giving her evil looks every five minutes.

I noticed that there was a few over to one side so I pointed to them and she asked me to come too if I didn't mind because she didn't want to sit alone, so I did. When we got to the seats they were covered in pillows and I had just started to move them when a waitress came out and told us that they were reserved seats for the staff. So we had to go back to our original seats.

I think I should have offered to swap seats with Caroline so that I was sitting next to the moany lady, I didn't really think of it at the time because I was still half-asleep.


13th January 1999

Twelve hours later we landed and it wasn't long before we were off the plane. One thing I have noticed about passport controls in different countries In Brazilia they check each and every passport very carefully while here in Enlgand today all I needed to do was wave it in the air to prove I had one. We didn't even have to open it! The security guard that was checking them seemed to be more interested in talking to his mate than looking at passports.

Outside the airport we were picked up by a coach. Once inside I sat next to David so we could talk to each other.

We arrived at the services at about four and as it was raining and we were early we all rain into the service building. David's parents were already there so we said our goodbyes and I promised I would phone to arrange a get together in the near future.

Inside the services we all bundled over to the Burger king to buy food. We were in the line to order when the newspapers and TV arrived so we had to come and see them.

After a few pictures later we all jumped back into the queue again. I had just paid and was waiting for John and my meal to arrive when Helens Mum, Dad and younger brother arrived. I went across to go and see and they were pleased everyone was home safely and Helens Mum gave me a hug as my Mum hadn't arrived yet.

It wasn't long before our food was ready so we all sat around a table and started to eat our meals. Just as I was finishing off my chips a man from Kent today arrived and wanted to talk to Caroline and me. He had just started to ask me questions, when my parents arrived with Zoe and Lee. I told him I would be back in a minute and I ran over to give them all a big hug.

After sorting out the interviewer, saying my goodbyes to my friends and thanking the leaders for a wonderful trip it wasn't long before I was in the car and was on my way home.

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