Our Group History

Our group was founded some time in 1916 and was called " 1st Rainham Boy Scout Troop". This date is obtained from an article contained on page 11 of a pamphlet from the "Gillingham Scout week for 1957" held in the archives at Baden-Powell House.

Group Badge History

Key Dates

Some of the Key highlights of the past:

Gillingham Scout of the Week 1957

The information below is a copy of an article taken from page 11 of the "Gillingham Scout week for 1957" pamphlet.


Group Scoutmaster - H. J. S. Divers, 15 London Road, Rainham

Scoutmaster - L. Brown, 40 Elmstone Road, Rainham.

Asst. Scoutmasters - R. Child, 30 Salisbury Avenue, Rainham.

                                  R. F. Holder, 125 Berengrave Lane, Rainham.

                                  R. H. Fitzpatrick, 66 Danson Way, Rainham.

Cubmasters - Mrs. Dark, 81 Orchard Street, Rainham.

                       Miss E. Dock, 31 Linden Road, Gillingham.

Asst. Cubmasters - Mrs A. Brown, 320 Station Road, Rainham.

                              Miss I. Brown, 39 Cleave Road, Gillingham.

Headquarters - St. George's Hall, Berengrave Lane, Rainham.

Scarf - Maroon and Green halves.


       Seniors - Friday, 7.30 p.m.

        Troop - Thursday, 7 p.m.

        " A " Pack - Friday, 6 p.m.

       " B " Pack - Tuesday, 6 p.m.


This group was formed in 1916 as the 1st Rainham and did valuable service in the village during the 1914 - 18 war. An interesting souvenir is a certificate presented by the Rainham Food Production Society. The group grew under a hard working Scoutmaster, Mr R. Hughes, and was later ably led by Mr. Edward Bates, and at one period had a Sea Scout Patrol. In recent years it has been fortunate in having the enthusiastic support of Col. A. Iremonger and Mr. George Wood, whose efforts are mainly responsible for the provision of the Headquarters in Berengrave Lane.

The Wolf Cub Packs continue to take their full part in District activities and many of the Cubs attain a high standard of efficiency.

The Scouts maintain their interest in camping and other outdoor activities and have been pleased on many occasions to act as hosts at St George's Hall to their brothers in other Groups.


            Cubs - " B " - Tuesday. May 21st, 6.15 p.m. St George's Hall.

            Cubs - " A " - Friday. May 24th, 6.15 p.m. St George's Hall.

            Scouts - Thursday. May 23rd, 7 p.m. St George's Hall.

We wish it to be known that owing to the discontinuation of the jam jar scheme by jam manufacturers, the 20th will not be collecting any more. To date 40,000 has been the boys' effort.

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