Medal of Merit

Excerpt taken from a letter to George Large, then Scout Leader from Dod & Ginger Harfleet.

The occasion was early 1967, - The Presentation to Len Brown of the medal of Merit. Len was Scout Leader, - later GSL of the 4th for many years. The chap doing the presentation was the County Commissioner - Mr Braby. The part face, under the peaked cap at the left were sure is Brian ‘Fitz’ Fitzpatrick - (ASL - SL & GSL of the 4th). The boy whose hat is on the Union Jack is George Meegan, pictured below, who, years later, walked from Tierra del Fuego to Alaska - the whole length of the Americas. Next to him at the back is Alan Keats. The faces between CC Braby & Len Brown are Billy Bee - & Neil Spurgeon. That leaves the lads in the front. We just can’t put a name to them, Sorry. We have asked Betty Brown if she can remember but she can’t.

Yours Sincerely

Dod & Ginger

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