Poseidon Explorer Unit

Unit Night

The Explorer Unit meets most Friday evenings at our Explorer Headquarters in Berengrave Lane Rainham, KENT from 19:45 Hrs to 21:45 Hrs and is open to all aged 14 to 18 years.

Main Activities

Here is a list of some the activities that we try to do during the year. This list is just a sample as it constantly changes depending on the wishes of the Unit members.

Explorer Uniform

Like the Cubs and Scouts, the Explorer Unit is also a uniformed organisation. You may find that you already have one or two of the required items that you wear to school or college.

The uniform list is as follows:

The Explorer leader will be able to advise you on where to purchase your Explorer uniform, which should be done before you complete the Explorer Scout membership Award.


The Explorer unit has a termly subscription which is normally paid after an agreed time with the Units Executive Committee. This gives you time to see if you like the Explorers and want to join.

Current fees will be notified to you in advance by the current Explorer Leader

Interested in Joining?

For more information or details on joining, please email: John Crockett (Explorer Leader)

Alternatively just turn up any Friday evening at our Headquarters in Berengrave Lane, Rainham KENT.

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