4th Gillingham News

Issue 1 – December 2000


Welcome to the first of our Group Newsletters. If all goes well we hope to issue a newsletter every couple of months to keep you informed of future activities happening within the group, and reviews of events that have already taken place. As this is YOUR newsletter we have also added a "Section News" area. This area is for all sections to comment on any achievements they have achieved over the last few months. So don’t keep it to yourself, let us all know!

The Editor

Ho ho ho!!!

I would just like to take this opportunity to wish all the members, parents and helpers of the Group a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I hope you all enjoy the Christmas season, and I look forward to seeing you in the New Year when we return.

Dave Perkins (G.S.L)

Jumble Sale

Firework Night

Saturday 28th October

Once again the bad weather stuck but it didn’t seem to bother the bargin hunters. In total we raised 92.40 Thanks again to the faithful few who helped arrange, set up and run this worthwhile event.

Friday 3rd November

The evening was a great success thanks to all the parents who donated fireworks and for the hard work put in by the people who helped. The group raised 106.84 due to this event. The only disappointment was the lack of attendance compared to past years. Lets hope we can do better next year.

Remembrance Sunday

Sunday 16th November

Many thanks to all the boys, parents and leaders who braved the cold and attended the Remembrance Sunday service at St Margaret’s Church. We had 35 representing our group in total, which was very pleasing to see. Those who attended said that it was a very nice service and didn’t go on too long. Thanks again.

Section News

Wednesday Otters Cub Pack:
  • Congratulations to the Cub team that entered the District Fizz Quiz and gained 6th position.

Forthcoming Events


30th – AGM (Annual General Meeting) starting at 8pm, for all parents and leaders


22nd – Carol Service starting at 6.30pm till 7.30 at Rainham train station. There will be food and drinks laid out at the Scout Hut after the service for those who have attended. Please try and be there. (All members should be in Full uniform)

Reminders to all

Gift Aid Forms

By now you should all have received a Gift Aid letter and form. If you haven’t please contact your Son’s section Leader.

Executive Committee / Help

Unfortunately the response to the Chairman’s letter for help seems to have fallen on deaf ears as it has only generated 2 replies! If you wish to help please contact your Son’s section Leader.

Other Notices

Sections Closing Dates:

Beaver Colony - 15th December 2000

Dolphins Cub Pack - 18th December 2000

Otters Cub Pack - 20th December 2000

Scout Troop - 15th December 2000

Hydra Venture Unit - 21st December 2000

Sections Starting Dates:

Beaver Colony - 12th January 2001

Dolphins Cub Pack - th January 2001

Otters Cub Pack - 10th January 2001

Scout Troop - 12th January 2001

Hydra Venture Unit - 11th January 2001

On another note:

If anyone hears of any chairs or an electric cooker going spare could you please let us know as we are urgently in need of new ones for the Scout Hut.


The next issue of 4th Gillingham News will be released in February.

If you have something you would like included or if you have any comments please let me know by popping into see me any Wednesday night at the hut between

18.45 – 20-15. Alternatively you can email me at perkinsm@btinternet.com

Matthew Perkins.

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